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Since 1988, Briggs Chaney Health Centers has operated with one goal in mind: To offer quality health care in various disciplines - all in one location. We hope that you will consider our facility for your health needs, whenever they arise.

There are two Maryland locations available to provide service
to you and your family:

Silver Spring location
13823 Outlet Drive, Briggs Chaney Plaza
Corner of Route 29 and Briggs Chaney Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904
Phone: 301-890-8000 Fax: 301-890-1485
Hours: Mon through Fri: 8AM- 9PM & Sat and Sun: 9AM-3PM

Annapolis location
2661 Riva Road - Building 600, (approximately mile from Route 50 exit)
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Phone: 410-573-0123 Fax: 410-573-0126
Hours of Operation: Mon through Fri 8AM - 9PM & Sat and Sun 9AM - 3PM

At Briggs Chaney Health Centers, we strive to keep your pre-evaluation time to a minimum, offer services in a courteous and professional manner, assure your privacy and confidentiality, and provide as expeditious a discharge process as possible. These services are provided at a very competitive cost.

We offer immediate care and family Hentai XXX medical care, as well as chiropractic care and physical therapy. No appointments are required for medical care. Visits for chiropractic care and physical therapy usually require an appointment.

The health centers are in-network providers for Medicare and several other insurance programs. We will also file claims with some insurance companies as out-of-network providers. During administrative hours, limited assistance is available to contact your insurance carrier with specific questions. You should refer to the information provided by your insurance concerning covered services, deductibles, coinsurance and the need for a referral from your primary care physician.

What is Immediate Care?

Immediate care includes evaluation and treatment of minor all sex XXX injuries and emergencies, such as broken bones, back strains, lacerations, puncture wounds, burns and eye problems, as well as illnesses, such as infections, sore throat, severe headache, abdominal pain and asthma. These are only a few of the problems that can be managed by our staff.

What is Family Practice?

Family practice is a cross between old-fashioned general practice and modern day specialization. It combines modern scientific technology with an emphasis on the individual and the entire family.

The family practitioner is trained in many areas, including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and routine gynecology. This training enables our physicians to manage about 95 percent of the problems that bring a patient to our center, and to recognize the problems and rare conditions that require referral to a specialist. This ability to treat people with a wide range of problems allows for more personalized care. The entire family can be treated and supported through a time of illness, injury and the stresses that those situations cause. Better for Single Men in Greece or Those in a Committed Relationship?

How do we work?

Realizing that time is precious, you will be examined by the first available physician, who will address your immediate needs and concerns. This practice enables an efficient and expeditious visit to the medical center.

The patient-physician relationship is one that is based on mutual trust and respect. We recognize that "bedside manner" is an important component of care, and that personalities play a part in establishing relationships. To that end, it is sometimes important that a patient see the same physician on subsequent visits. However, our physicians, and nursing staff, work as a team, and they make every effort to maintain continuity of care for patients. If you feel that it is essential for you to see the same physician on all visits, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, that may lengthen your visit , and/or the physician you request may not be on duty when you arrive.

Privacy and the confidentiality of medical records are of prime concern to everyone on our staff. Medical information regarding your or your family will only be released upon receipt of written authorization from you. In special situations that involve a work-injury, a court action, or other legally recognized circumstances, information and records will be released in accordance with the law.

Ufksa Worker's Compensation

Briggs Chaney Health Centers have a great deal of experience in working with employers and their employees who have sustained a work-related injury. With properly completely authorizations, injured employees will be evaluated and treated. Corporate forms will be completed as requested, and the employer will be provided with written documentation of the work status of their worker. If possible, employees will be returned to a work as quickly as possible. Information concerning the availability of limited duty, or "light duty" is very helpful is making this determination. Supervisors are encouraged to consult with physicians whenever necessary.

Charges for services are made using the Maryland Worker's Compensation Fee Schedule. Billing is done through the employer or directly to the company's workmen's compensation insurance carrier.

Corporate Contracts

Many local and national companies are identifying the need to screen job applicants. We can tailor our services to meet those needs.

Available services include, but are not limited to, the following: Physical exams, DOT physicals, clearance physicals for people using respirators, working in an asbestos area or a high noise environment, or starting a high physical demand position such as police force and hazardous duty assignment; forensic exams - urine drug screening; breath alcohol testing - DOT, non-DOT, private and court mandated. Laboratory and xray services are available.

Charges for services are contracted with each corporation. Notification procedures and documentation are provided. Billing is done on a once-a-month basis.

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